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Voting schedules

Click here to view the 2014 shareholder meetings Aviva Investors (in respect of Aviva Investors Global Services Limited) voted at, how each vote was cast and the reason for any opposition votes.  Please note that reasons for opposing are only provided for meetings from 1 August 2011. 

For any votes prior please click on the links below:


2013 votes

2012 votes

2011 votes

2010 votes

2009 votes


Quarterly Summary Reports

Click below to view a summary of our quarterly voting and engagement activity.  This includes overview of activity and policy advocacy.  Please note, that in general we do not make our engagement with individual companies public.  This detail is provided in our client reports.

Voting Schedule Oct - Dec 13

Voting Schedule July - Sept 13

Voting Schedule Apr - June 13

Voting Schedule Jan - Mar 13

Voting Schedule Oct - Dec 12

Voting Schedule July - Sept 12

Voting Schedule Apr - June 12

Voting Schedule Jan - Mar 12